Whole House Music

Enjoy music by the pool on the patio or deck.

Imagine a warm breeze, stars twinkling in the sky, steaks on the grill, and music playing on your outdoor speakers. Ahhhhhh!

i2 can install special weatherproof speakers on your house or hide them in your landscaping. You can enjoy music without spoiling the beauty of your surroundings. Remotes, keypads, and mobile devices can be installed to let you operate your system while you relax in your lounge chair.


In-Wall Speakers are heard, not seen. We use today’s in-wall and ceiling mount speakers as an alternative to traditional box-type speakers. You no longer need to plan your decor with your speakers as the focal point of a room. A wide variety of sizes allow room design flexibility without sacrificing performance. Also, the grilles can be painted or wallpapered to match your decor, so that they vanish from sight.

Your whole house, indoors and out, will begin to fill with the music of your choice. Each room or area can be volume controlled with convenience.

Multiple source inputs allow freedom for family members to listen to different sounds at the same time. Mom can cook in the kitchen to Jazz and the kids can dance to Top 40 in the family room, while Dad is rock-n-rolling in the garage. Virtually any combination is possible.

The full entertainment controls, including keypads and speakers, are hidden from view and even painted to match your décor. You won’t see wires and speakers and thousands of system pieces scattered about your house any longer! You’ll wonder how you lived happily without it until now.

The equipment is stored away out of sight. You no longer have to view all your cable or satellite boxes, stereo equipment, CDs, and DVDs. Visually de-clutter but experience the surround speakers located throughout your living room instead of coming through the tiny speakers in the front of your television. You can enjoy theater-quality entertainment right in your own living room.

Imagine your quality sound system – you are walking through your house and hear your hand-picked music in every room. You cannot see the speakers hidden in the walls or ceiling. Music is literally piped throughout the house as if the sound is coming from the heavens, making changes with mobile devices already in your pocket

As technology grows on a daily basis, so does our knowledge about what home entertainment can truly mean for you.