Home Theater

Home entertainment is a family experience. Your family’s home theater system will be designed to fit your needs, from a simple surround-sound system to a complex Cineplex system – and anywhere in between. Our theater designers will focus on your individual room and not just the equipment.

Your home theater can include “invisible” equipment that literally disappears into your décor, unseen. i2 will work with your interior decorators to provide you with the best home theater experience while matching and/or hiding the equipment in your existing décor. Or you can choose a dedicated home theater room, wherein your room can be set up like a private movie screening room.

And, with our all-over house experience, the movie doesn’t have to end when you are ready to go to bed. When you start to get tired and the kids have already gone to bed, just pause the movie you are watching and enjoy the rest of the show from the comfort of your bedroom. Simply press “play” when you arrive in your bedroom.

In addition to your super home theater, i2 will help you pick out the equipment that is perfect for your other home desires. We can suggest everything from 8k TVs to big-screen enjoyment.

Home Theater-Just Like Being at the Movies

Sitting in the center of a movie theater or on the fifty-yard line at the football game creates involvement in the event that watching ordinary television just can’t seem to recreate. It’s the roar of the crowd as the ball splits the uprights and the screech of the tires just before the car hits the wall that makes you feel like part of the action. With the right home theater design, you too can feel like you are right there inside the action – but with the comfort of knowing you are sitting on your own couch and you don’t have to drive home afterward. Home Theater is one of the most fun and enjoyable investments that you can make for yourself and your family. Our goal is to help you evaluate your needs, and combine that with the equipment you may already own, to come up with the finest performance at the best possible price.